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Stormwater Engineering Services
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Last Updated: 2015/8/26
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: General Stormwater Engineering Services
From: City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date: September 3, 2015

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Pegasus Engineering has exhausted the $25,000 awarded by the City Council on April 1, 2015.  In anticipation of addressing the on-going general stormwater issues (e.g., continued investigation of the reported drainage problem areas), City staff foresees a need to continue relying upon the stormwater services of Pegasus Engineering.

Background Discussion

On April 1, 2015, the City Council authorized a not-to-exceed amount of $25,000 to continue providing the City with general stormwater engineering services.  Since April 1, 2015, Pegasus Engineering performed the following various services for the City of DeBary:

  • During this period, David Hamstra (Senior Project Manager) prepared for and met with Tino Farjad regarding the easement issues at 45 Alicante Road; prepared meeting minutes and emailed City Staff; prepared for and attended the Volusia County Local Mitigation Strategy workshop; reviewed the updated lake level database and graphs; prepared the agenda write-ups; prepared for and met with Steve Wood to discuss the Saxon Woods Pond RA7 matter; met with Alan Williamson regarding Soft Shadow Lane; prepared for and met with Terry Wilke to discuss the various issues associated with Soft Shadow Lane; coordinated with Johan Rodriguez and Jason Birkhead regarding the 45 Alicante Road easement issues; coordinated with Leylah Saavedra regarding the 2nd appeal to DEM for the 2009 pumping costs; prepared the agenda for the 2015 Hurricane Preparedness briefing and field review; prepared for and conducted the 2015 Hurricane Preparedness briefing and field review with the Public Works Department and Greg Teague; and prepared for and met with Tino Farjad to discuss the revised drainage easement alignment.
  • During this period, Greg Teague (Senior Project Engineer) revised the bid documents for the Small Scale Stormwater Improvements Projects Bid No. 2; revised the construction plans and cost estimate associated with Addendum #1 (eliminated the easement and drainage improvements at 54 Shell Road); coordinated with Kevin Hare regarding the easements for 250 Adelaide Street and a potential bid deletion for the Small Scale Stormwater Improvement Bid Package #2; coordinated with City staff regarding the bid opening and the 250 Adelaide Street improvements for the Small Scale Stormwater Improvement Bid Package #2; reviewed the draft letter and attachments for the 2nd FEMA appeal related to the May 2009 storm event; coordinated with Kevin Hare regarding additional improvements appended to the 294 Deleon Road project; prepared a drainage basin map for 286 DeLeon Road; emailed responses related to additional improvements at 286 Deleon Road; and assisted David Hamstra with the 2015 Hurricane Preparedness briefing and field reviews with City staff.
  • During this period, Leylah Saavedra (Senior Project Engineer) reviewed the Project Worksheet 149 (PW-149) appeal documentation for reimbursement of the emergency pumping operations in May 2009 and prepared a letter to DEM requesting a second appeal; prepared the Project Worksheet 149 (PW-149) follow-up letter to the second appeal, which included back-up documentation to strengthen the appeal; revised the Project Worksheet 149 (PW-149) follow-up letter to the second appeal, based on Greg Teague's review comments and subsequent David Hamstra's review comments; reviewed the master claim expenses report spreadsheet from Liz Bauer based on Jimmie Seelbinder's invoices and added additional pump rental and equipment expenses that qualify for reimbursement; coordinated with DEM (Shelby Pay) regarding the PW requirements; submitted the 2nd appeal package to DEM - Tallahassee (Shelby Pay) for processing; coordinated with Shelby Pay (DEM Tallahassee) regarding the status of the second appeal for PW149; and coordinated with Greg Teague, the SJRWMD (Margie Cook and Bill Carlie), and the City of DeBary (Kevin Hare and Alan Williamson) regarding the Terra Alta berm failure that required attention in order for the WMD to issue the final compliance letter for Lakeside – Phase 2.
  • During this period, Johan Rodriguez (Project Engineer) coordinated with Jason Birkhead to finalize the Lower Lake construction plans; coordinated with Greg Teague regarding the Lower Lake cost estimate and dewatering issues; continued to coordinate with Greg Teague, Jason Birkhead, and Kevin Hare to finalize the construction plans for the Lower Lake Control Structure; coordinated with Jason Birkhead to revise the Lower Lake construction plans, bid schedule and the cost estimate to  exclude the Lower Lake Control Structure Improvements; coordinated with David Hamstra and Jason Birkhead to review the 45 Alicante Road correspondence and began establishing the revised easement limits; coordinated preparation of the drainage easement figure; prepared a "draft" email to Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corp. (Jim Petersen) to request an easement drawing and description; reviewed the pictometry aerial photographs and discussed with David Hamstra the issues associated with the existing trees and the proposed easement alignment for 45 Alicante Road; and prepared a "draft" letter regarding the proposed easement relocation at 45 Alicante Street.
  • During this period, Donny Greenough (CADD Technician) coordinated with Greg Teague to make PDF copies of the final bid documents for Small Scale Stormwater Improvements Bid Package #2; prepared the preliminary 2015 Hurricane Season Preparedness exhibit; and revised the 2015 Hurricane Season Preparedness exhibit.
  • During this period, Jason Birkhead (CADD Technician) completed the Lower Lake plan revisions based on Kevin Hare's comments; coordinated with Greg Teague to finalize the bid documents for Small Scale Bid Stormwater Improvements Package #2 (Lower Lake Control Structure, Barwick Maintenance Facility, and Rob Sullivan Park); created a figure for 45 Alicante Road depicting the Lake Gem overtopping elevation and floodplain limits; updated the Lake Level database and graphs; researched the culvert survey for West Highbanks Road; coordinated with Johan Rodriguez to finalize the Lower Lake construction plans; created a figure showing the proposed drainage easement for 45 Alicante Road; created a figure for 46 Florence Boulevard depicting the current floodplain limits; and finalized the 2015 Hurricane Preparedness Exhibit and pulled-together various documents for the 06/18/15 briefing to the Public Works Department.


That the Council authorizes Pegasus Engineering, LLC for continued on-going general stormwater engineering services, for a Not-To-Exceed amount of $35,000.  It should be noted that the City Manager will continue to dictate future assignments under the current authorization.

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