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2016 Budget Discussions
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Last Updated: 2015/8/21
City of DeBary SealSpecial City Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: 2016 Budget Discussions
From: City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  August 26, 2015

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Staff has developed and presented a draft of the 2016 budget for your review and consideration. The cumulative estimated revenue and expenditures are:

General Fund
Special Revenue Fund
Capital Project/Debt
Fund Balance
Total Revenue and Fund Balance
Est Fund Balance 9/30/2016

The proposed general fund capital expenditures for fiscal year 2016 are as follows:

Fire Station
Rob Sullivan CDBG Project
IT Capital
4500D Rotary Turf Mower
Message Boards (2)
Toro Mower Replacement
Keller Irrigation Pump
PW Ice Machine
Total Capital

There are two issues that have arisen since the first budget discussion. The first is to study the possibility and cost of providing restrooms at the SunRail Train Station. Staff is studying the issue and will report its findings to the Council when concluded. The second issue is developing and participating in public/private partnerships as a mechanism for development in and adjacent to the TOD Area. Staff is still in process of studying this issue and the potential impact on the budget and will provide additional information to the Council prior to the September 3rd Budget Hearing.

Staff proposes to review the budget with the Council and receive direction.

City Council Action:
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