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TOD Master Plan
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: TOD Master Plan & Market Feasibility Study
From: Matt Boerger
Meeting/Hearing Date:  August 5, 2015

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The City of DeBary desires to establish a Master Development Plan to guide future growth within the designated Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District. The SunRail station is anticipated to act as a catalyst to spur future development within the vicinity. Prior to establishing the master plan, the City needs to identify the market feasibility for future development in this area so that a sustainable development program may be formed and incorporated into the plan.

Staff has negotiated a scope of work and proposal from Littlejohn Engineering Associates, Inc. (Littlejohn), a local Planning, Economic Development and Engineering consulting firm with related experience. The proposal is in the amount of $75,127.50 which includes a Real Estate Market Feasibility Analysis and TOD Master Plan.

Background Discussion
In 2010 the City of DeBary was in the process of evaluating its existing Comprehensive Plans and Land Development Code criteria as it pertains to transit oriented development near the future $1.6 billion SunRail commuter rail system. After the evaluation, it was determined that the existing future land use and zoning categories as well as the development criteria for properties adjacent to the proposed DeBary train station were incompatible. Many of these existing future land use and zoning designations limited density and intensity of development, required large setbacks from property lines, had large parking requirements, and generally promoted developments geared more towards the automobile mode of transportation rather than the proposed train station. Therefore proposed changes to the plans were made to promote transit compatible land uses and development criteria. This was done by integrating land use and transit through the combination of residential and nonresidential uses that would be within a comfortable walking distance (approximately 10 minutes) and would maximize access to public transportation.

The City then adopted a TOD Regulating Plan on December 29, 2010 under Ordinance 13-10 which is now codified in the Land Development Code as Article VI of Chapter 5 and implements the TOD Overlay District. The TOD Overlay District incorporates an area of roughly 260 acres around the station. However, the existing TOD Regulating Plan and associated Comprehensive Plan Policies 5.406 and 5.407 are "opt in" only. Currently there are two proposed Ordinances 01-15 and 02-15 to make certain enhancements to the TOD code as well as to make the TOD Regulating Plan mandatory in order to ensure a cohesive development pattern and stability for future economic development investments into the area.

As part of the TOD economic development initiative, a TOD Master Development Plan should be created. This will help to ensure that a uniform development pattern, which is conducive to transit oriented development, is realized. Prior to creating a master plan, however, a market feasibility analysis is recommended so that a viable plan representing current and projected market conditions can be realistically formed.

Staff has negotiated a proposal from Littlejohn and RCLCO for a TOD Master Plan Report and Real Estate Market Analysis, which consists of professional marketing and planning services. The proposal is in the amount of $75,127.50.

The services proposed to be procured from Littlejohn are for marketing and planning services.  Littlejohn’s services to the City in this instance would not include engineering, architectural or surveying services, thus the formal procurement process set forth in the Consultant’s Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA), Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, does not apply to the proposed services.  However, the City’s procurement code (Chapter 2, Article IV.- Finance, Division 2.-Purchases) does require formal procurement of such marketing and planning professional services unless the City Council waives the formal procurement.   

Sec 2-186(a), City of DeBary Code of Ordinances authorizes the City Council to waive the formal procurement of services “in cases where it deems it advisable to do so.”~  The waiver of the formal procurement process for this project are in the best interests of the City and advisable in this circumstance because:~ (1) Its use would save the City time, approximately 3-5 months to prepare an RFQ, advertise the RFQ, submittal period, RFQ review period, and selection period; (2)~ It would minimize that risk that the City may miss~time sensitive development opportunities due to unforeseen changes in the real estate market due to a delay in the commencement of the project, and (3) It would likely save the City money. RFQs can cost from $5,000-$8,000 in staff time to prepare, process and award.

Request to approve the consultant selection and fee amount of $75,127.50

Recommended Motion
Approve waiver~of formal procurement pursuant to Sec 2-186(a), City of DeBary Code of Ordinances and select Littlejohn Engineering Associates, Inc. to perform a Real Estate Market Analysis And TOD Master Plan Report for a fee amount not to exceed $75,127.50 and authorize the City Manager to negotiate revisions to the proposed professional services contract proposed by Littlejohn which do not significantly affect the project scope or increase the proposed project fee amount, and authorize the City Manager to execute such revised professional services contract on behalf of the City.

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