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Public Safety Change Order
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Last Updated: 2015/7/24
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Last Updated: 2015/7/21
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Last Updated: 2015/7/14
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Public Safety Complex Change Orders
From: City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  July 29, 2015

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On June 17, 2015 a summation of the current change orders developed by CPH was provided to the City Council. The Council has previously approved change orders to the contract for $49,833 for the build out of offices on the second floor and $44,997.32 for the construction of an LED monument sign

There are additional  items on the Project that require Council approval.

Change Order Number 1

1. :            Sanitary Service Relocation – $1,237.48

                The existing sanitary service lateral was at a higher elevation than shown on the original construction drawings (2’ deep vs 5’ deep).  Once the buried lateral was located and elevation confirmed, the tie in location was relocated to a separate lateral on the property.  This item is the additional sanitary pipe length required for the installation.

2.                     Unsuitable Material Disposal – $23,514.32 (See attached memo)

                This item is for the hauling and disposal of unsuitable material found while excavating the stormwater pond and stormwater piping on the project.  The materials excavated included large broken concrete, drainage structure and grates, tree stumps, longs, carpet, trash, etc.  The contractor initially tried to removal the unsuitable material but the man hours involved to remove all unsuitable debris was greater than the cost to haul the material to a proper disposal site.  A cost per load was agreed upon and was consistent with current costs. 

3.                    Concrete Parking Area – $2,889.71

                This item is for the increased concrete thickness and reinforcing.  During the design process the vehicular traffic on this concrete pad was limited to passenger vehicles which were able to be supported by a 4” slab.  The VCSO discussed the possibility of larger equipment being in place on the slab during training and in times of need.  The cost is consistent with current costs.

Change Order Number 2

1. Install Rated Bullet Proof Glass in Cell Door - $1,473.19

2. Alternate Light Fixture in Kitchen due to Pull Down Ladder Conflict- $231.17

3. Credit for Landscaping - $(4,068.34)

4. Additional Mirror Film for Security on Windows in Lieu of Installing Blinds $5,555.04

 Recommended Motion  

Approve Change Order #1 and Change Order #2 in the amount of $30,832.57.

City Council Action:
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