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Budget Memo
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Last Updated: 2015/6/11
City of DeBary SealCity Council Workshop Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Workshop Agenda Memo
From: City Manager
Meeting/Hearing Date:  June 24, 2015

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The City Manager is required by Charter to submit a budget to the Council by July 15, 2015 each year. Staff has initiated the process by reviewing operations and developing preliminary operating ad maintenance budgets. An estimate of state shared revenue is typically provided between mid June and early July. However since the legislature has yet to adopt a state budget the state shared revenue estimates will be delayed. This will require staff to develop estimates of those revenues in order to meet the Charter imposed deadline of submitting the budget to the Council by July 15, 2015.

In order to ensure a budget is developed that reflects Council priorities several issues need to be discussed and direction provided by the Council.

1. Staff will develop the budget maintaining the same tax rate adopted by the Council last year at 2.99. The pre-preliminary estimate from the Property Appraiser indicates a 2.31% increase in taxable values.

2. The budget will reflect the first of three annual payments to reimburse the Franchise Tax Fund for the cost of the Public Safety Building. Each annual payment will be $335,393.

3. Funds will be budgeted to implement the following recommendations identified in the IT Assessment:

Upgrade internet service to allow for bringing email server in house. $22,000 annually
Secure Network at City Hall By adding network appliance that blocks intrusions, malware and access to untrusted websites $4,000
Secure City’s network at all connected sites by adding network appliance that consolidates network security, remote access and wireless. $2,500
Secure and increase usefulness of wireless devices throughout the city’s network by adding network appliance that manages city’s WAP $3,000
Develop Disaster Recovery Plan to mitigate operational risks and exposures $8,000

4. Continue the Record Management Project initiated last fiscal year. $30,000.

5. Refinance 2009 Stormwater Note which will balloon and become due next fiscal year. $4 million.

6. Continue Street Repair Program $450,000.

7. Construct the  No Name Lake Pump Station. $400,000 estimate.

8. Secure financing and construct the Ft. Florida Water Line by establishing a Special Assessment District. $800,000 estimate.
9. Focus on development in and around the  TOD Area. Use $400,000 from  Job Opportunity Fund to provide development incentives. Encourage residential development in TOD adjacent areas.

10. Construct new Fire Station and demolish existing building. $1.9 million estimate. Council direction needed on paying cash or financing all or part of construction cost. Estimates 2.5%-3% interest rate.

11. Identify funding to implement a Master Stormwater System for the TOD Area. Concentrate on acquiring the 100 acres owned by the SJRWMD.

10. Increase ability to process development review applications and conduct research by adding a Planning Technician. $47,133 annually.

11. The capital budget will focus on replacment and maintaining existing assets.

11. There are several issues that staff requests Council direction:

A. Will the City continue to participate with Team Volusia?
B. Will the City Council consider participation with Volusia County on maintenance of the SunRail Station?
C. Will the City Council consider participating in the operation of the proposed Homeless Shelter's operating cost? Estimated annual operating cost is $1.6 million.
D. Does the City continue to fund and organize the 4th of July fireworks?

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