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Manager's Memo
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Mayor and City Council
City Manager
March 13, 2015
City Council Workshop

Discussion Items

Vacant Planters

The city currently has 39 planters 6 of which the city maintains and 14 planters that have not been adopted(see attached list). The streetscape committee recommended that the 14 un-adopted planters have Mexican Bluebells planted and that city crews maintain them until adopted.  Staff would propose that the 14 vacant planters be relocated to a park with an existing irrigation system for easier maintenance or stored at the public works facility until disposed of.

Discussion of EDAC and Streetscape Committee

The Council has asked staff to agenda the item to discuss the duties and responsibilities of both committees. The enabling ordinance for both committees are attached.

Discussion of Mural Program

The Streetscape Committee has developed a program to allow murals on buildings where the property is zoned B-4 (General Commercial) and is within the City's Village Center Overlay District. The program guidelines are attached. Staff is seeking guidance on whether to codify the proposed Mural Program.

Review and Discuss Special Events Policy

Staff has worked to develop a consistent policy to apply to special events. In the past applications for special events were handled by different departments, depending upon where the event was to be held. the attached policies and procedures provide specific guidelines in dealing with all special events. Staff is seeking guidance from the Council on this issue.

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