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Subject:   Maintenance Barn Rob Sullivan Park
From:   John Fletcher, Parks and Recreation Director  
Meeting/Hearing Date:  March 4, 2015

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The current annual budget contains funding in the amount of $67,000 for the purchase of one 4500D Rotary Turf Mower. The purpose of the mower is to efficiently mow the new open space area at Rob Sullivan Park. Due to the scheduled planting the new grass will not be established enough to mow until late this year.

Background Discussion

The only maintenance barn sufficient in size to store the new mower is located at Bill Keller Park. Rather than transport the tractor to Rob Sullivan Park it is proposed that the funding budgeted for the 4500D tractor be reprogrammed to purchase and install a maintenance barn at Rob Sullivan.

The estimated cost of the new maintenance barn is $45,000, including the building, concrete pad and footers, electrical and alarm system. This would allow for the storage of equipment at Rob Sullivan and eliminate the expense of time and transport of equipment used at Rob Sullivan Park. Staff would request the purchase of the mower in next years capital budget.

Recommended Motion  

Approve reprogramming of $45,000 from the General Fund Capital Budget 4500D Rotary Mower to the purchase and installation of a maintenance barn at Rob Sullivan Park.

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