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Subject:   Budget Adjustment No. 2 -  Construction Engineering and Inspection Services, Lakeside Phase II - Gravity Outfall System
From: Dan Parrott            
Meeting/Hearing Date:  February 18, 2015

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GAI Consultants, Inc. is providing Construction Engineering and Inspection, (CEI) Services for the Lakeside Gravity Outfall System, Phase II project. Extensive pre-construction services were required to secure agreements with entities effected by the project.The scope of these pre-construction services was uncertain in August of 2013 when the budget was estimated and established for CEI Services. The project is nearing completion and the budget for CEI services has been depleted. Final closeout of the project will require an adjustment of the budget for CEI services by GAI.

Background Discussion

Construction of the Lakeside Phase II - project is on schedule for completion by March 31, 2015. GAI has actively worked to expedite the construction process to ensure the Contractor's compliance with the contract specifications while meeting the time restraints for reimbursement under the FEMA, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.  The CEI work remaining to complete the project is primarily to account that all work is completed, coordination of final inspections, punch list items, closeout documentation, measurement of pay quantities and review of payment applications for all work under the contract.

Budget Adjustment No. 2 for CEI Services is estimated in the amount of $18,066.48.

Recommended Motion  

Motion to approved Budget Adjustment No. 2 for CEI Services by GAI Consultants, Inc. for the Lakeside Phase II Gravity Outfall System project in the amount of $18,066.48.

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