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City of DeBary

Subject:   Resolution # 15-01 Minor Amendment to the Riverbend Planned Unit Development
From: Matt Boerger, Planning Administrator           
Meeting/Hearing Date:  February 4, 2015
Case # 15-01-MAPUD-River

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The applicant, Glenn D. Storch, Esq. on behalf of the property owners, William L. Eagan and Murphy Investment Group of Florida, LTD is requesting a minor Planned Unit Development Amendment to modify the development agreement provision to extend the deadline for the applicant to file and obtain preliminary plat approval.

Background Discussion
The subject property is 330 acres with Volusia County Tax Parcel Identification Numbers 07-19-30-00-00-0020, 07-19-30-00-00-0010 and 06-19-30-00-00-0070 and is located on the west side of Fort Florida Road approximately one mile from the intersection with Barwick Road.

On December 3, 2008, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 02-08 approving the Riverbend on the St. Johns River Residential Planned Unit Development, RPUD Development Agreement and Master Development Plan. Section O of the RPUD Development Agreement provides for the expiration of the Development Agreement if the Applicant fails to submit and obtain Preliminary Plat approval within 720 days from the effective date (December 3, 2008) of the Development Agreement.

The RPUD Development Agreement was previously extended two years by SB 1752 and then by HB 503 for another two years giving the RPUD Development Agreement an expiration date of November 23, 2014. The applicant on behalf of the property owners is now requesting another extension of two years from November 23, 2014 to November 23, 2016 to extend the deadline for filing and obtaining preliminary master plan approval.

Pursuant to Section 4-25(10(d) of the City of DeBary Land Development Code, during the period of 90 days before and 90 days after the expiration of the any development order, the developer may request an extension of the that valid period from the City Council and  pursuant to Section 3-108(h)(1), City Council may grant extensions to a Planned Unit Development and its corresponding development agreement and master development plan.

Recommended Motion  

Adopt Resolution #15-01.

City Council Action:
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