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Growth Management & Development Review
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Glen Abbey Gardens Subdivision Overall Development Plan
From: Rebecca Hammock, AICP
         Planning Administrator
Meeting/Hearing Date:  January 7, 2015

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The applicant, is requesting approval of an Overall Subdivision Development Plan (ODP) for Tracts “A” and “B” of the Glen Abbey Club plat with Volusia County Tax Parcel Identification Numbers 27-18-30-12-00-000A and 27-18-30-12-00-000B for approximately 5.7 acres  for a 15 detached single family residential subdivision with a separate lot for the existing 150’ telecommunications (cell) tower.

The property is within the Glen Abbey (a/k/a the Swallows PUD). The subject property is 5.07 acres and is located north of Highbanks Road, east of US Hwy 17-92 and north of N. Pine Meadow Dr. and Spring Glen Dr.  Please see the attached location map.

  Background Discussion
 The subject property is owned by T.J. O’Neil, Inc. The original use of the property per the Swallows Community Development was a tennis complex for recreational uses. On June 7, 2006 the City Council approved and adopted Ordinance No. 07-06 and Development Agreement Amendment, amending Glen Abbey PUD (a/k/a Swallows PUD) Development Agreement and Master Development Plan for the subject property to change the use of Tracts A and B from a tennis club complex to a town home development consisting of a maximum of twenty (20) dwelling units. The townhome project did not develop and the property remained vacant with the exception of the old tennis courts. On February 02, 2011, the PUD was amended again for this property by Ordinance Number 01-11 to add a 150’ flagpole telecommunication (cell) tower as an additional permitted use on the property. The flagpole cell tower has been constructed and exists on the subject property.

The applicant is requesting ODP approval pursuant to Section 4-44 Overall Development Plan Review, LDC in order to develop a 15 lot single family residential subdivision named Glen Abbey Gardens with minimum lot sizes of 6,500 square feet, minimum lot widths of 60 feet at the building line and a minimum floor area of 1600 square feet for the proposed homes (please see the attached ODP plan). The applicant intends to provide a six (6) foot tall black aluminum fence along N. Pine Meadow and landscaping if permitted by the City to plant in the ROW in order to buffer the proposed homes from N. Pine Meadow and to help provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance along the road.

The proposed amendment proposes a separation of 340 feet from the base of the existing or any replacement cellular communications tower from residential structures, which is decrease from the currently approved separation of 386 feet. The fall zone radius of the existing cell tower is 65 feet; therefore the proposed homes are outside of the fall zone of the tower. The ODP provides for a 20ft. access easement to the cell tower site.

The proposed subdivision intends to create a new public road for the subdivision that will be built to City standards and that will be dedicated to the City during the final platting process.

The new subdivision will be served by Volusia County Water and Sewer.

Land Development Code
The Development Review Committee reviewed and approved the Glen Abbey Gardens Overall Development Plan pursuant to Section 4-44, LDC and found that it is consistent with the City of DeBary Land Development Code. The Development Review Committee reviewed the application at their April 22, 2014 and August 19, 2014 DRC meetings and recommended approval subject to the submittal of revised plans addressing all outstanding review comments. Revised plans have been submitted that addressed all comments. All DRC reviewers have approved the ODP. The applicant's next step in the subdivision process is to apply for Preliminary Plat/Construction Plan approval.

 Recommended Motion  
         Approval of the Glen Abbey Gardens Subdivision Overall Development Plan.

City Council Action:
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