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Subject:Stormwater Pump Service Contract
From: Alan Williamson        
Meeting/Hearing Date:  5 November 2014

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The City of DeBary is currently under contract with Volusia County for emergency stormwater pump maintenance and telemetry monitoring. The county has requested to terminate the maintenance aspect of the contract, but will still monitor the telemetry system. Since Volusia County has requested to terminate the quarterly maintenance agreement an inquiry was sent to Barney's Pump to take over the quarterly pump maintenace. Since the pumps are manufractured by and were installed by Barney's Pump Inc. they have an excellent working knowledge of the sytem and its' operation.

Background Discussion
Barney's Pump Inc.  was asked to submit a service contract agreement for the quarterly pump maintenace, and a contract agreement was submitted with the base price of $500.00 per visit per site. With three pump stations in place (Quail Lake, Lake Susan, DeBary Golf and Country Club Entrance Pond) the quarterly expenditures are $1,500 or $6,000 annually.

Recommended Motion  

Recommended motion to enter into the quarterly maintenace agreement with Barny's Pump Inc. for the maintenace of the City of DeBary's emergency stormwater pumps.

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