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TOD Code and Comp Plan Changes
City of DeBary SealCity Council Workshop
City of DeBary

Subject:  Recommended TOD & Comprehensive Plan Changes

From: Rebecca Hammock, AICP          

Workshop Date:  October 15, 2014

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Staff is seeking direction from City Council regarding recommended amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code for the Transit Oriented Overlay District code regulations.

Background Discussion
Since the adoption of the TOD regulations, DeBary City Council has undertaken several studies and assessments to help encourage and incentivize development within the TOD Overlay.  One such study is the DeBary SunRail Station/Transit Oriented Overlay District Economic Strategic Plan. The City was awarded a $25,000 Department of Economic Opportunity planning assistance grant and contracted with the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council to develop an Economic Profile and Strategic Plan for the DeBary TOD Area. The purpose of the plan is to act as a blueprint for the long term development of the City’s TOD Area by identifying potential industries that could be recruited to locate within the area. The plan also evaluates the City’s existing regulatory framework and makes recommendations for changes to the comprehensive plan and land development code to help make the development of the TOD successful.

One of the recommended changes is to amend Future Land Use Policy 5.406(a)(5)(c)(iv) and Section 5-131(d) of the Land Development Code to reduce minimum density requirements due to the suburban nature of the area and to provide for more flexibility. The plan argues that the suburban nature of this area and the high number of vacant properties could act as deterrents to the realization of the higher densities. In most small-to-medium size communities, the market for high density housing and office buildings, which are inherently more expensive to build than lower density buildings, is often limited. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the minimum density requirement in the Core district from 16 du/acre to 12 du/acre and in the outside core district and transitional areas from a minimum density of 14 du/acre to 8 or 9 du/acre minimum. This change would only reduce minimum densities so developers could still choose to develop at higher densities.

Please see below for a visual example of densities.


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