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Subject: Bid No. 01-14 - Lakeside Gravity Outfall System - Phase II, Recommendation of Award to Ovation Construction, Inc.
From: Dan Parrott, City Manager     
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The Lakeside Gravity Outfall System - Phase II Project is the final phase of the West Side Emergency Flood Management System.The City of DeBary advertised for construction bids for Bid No. 01-14 the Lakeside Gravity Outfall System - Phase II on August 5, 2014 and August 6, 2014.

As proposed the Lakeside Phase II Project provides flood hazard mitigation for three separate neighborhoods of DeBary. The Kings Lake subdivision suffered significant structural flooding from Tropical Storm Fay in 2008 and in previous hurricane seasons. The Terra Alta subdivision suffered flooding of roadways, sanitary sewer facilities and residential lots in the 2008 storm and in prior years. The DeBary Golf and Country Club, La Creek Court and Quail Hill Drive communities have experienced excess groundwater seepage during seasonal rains that causes severe wet conditions and localized flooding of roadways, sidewalks and residential lots. The Lakeside Phase II project is proposed to mitigate the potential hazards of these flood prone areas.

On August 18, 2014 the City of DeBary conducted a mandatory Pre-Bid Conference for all Contractor interested in bidding the project. Nine (9) Contractors were represented at the Pre-Bid Conference. Three (3) bids were received and opened in a public meeting at City Hall on September 8, 2014 at 2:00 PM.  The results of the bid are;

        Contractor                                                                              Bid Amount
        1.      Ovation Construction, Inc.                                              $602,521.94 (corrected)
        2.      CE James, Inc.                                                          $864,030.00
        3.      Masci Construction, Inc.                                                $1,014,874.47 (corrected)

        Engineers Cost Estimate - $646,314.0

Background Discussion

Ovation Construction, Inc. is a Florida licensed General Contractor incorporated in 2006. Ovation Construction has completed two (2) previous stormwater improvement projects for the City of DeBary. Ovation Construction and its primary subcontractor, All Terrain Tractor Service are local businesses with personnel that are well known by several members of the City staff. Ovation and All terrain Tractor Service have expressed their appreciation for previous work for the City of DeBary and their commitment to completing the Lakeside Phase II project on time and within budget. DeBary projects completed by Ovation Construction and All Terrain Tractor Service were performed in a professional manner with generally good results.

GAI Consultants, Inc. managed the public bidding process for the Lakeside Phase II project. GAI reviewed each of the bids for compliance with the Instructions to Bidders and mathemetic accuracy. Corrections were noted as required and Ovation Construction Inc. was confirmed to be the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. Bid results were tabulated and posted on the City website for public access.


Award of Bid No. 01-14 to Ovation Construction, Inc. is recommended for the low bid amount of $602,521.94.

Construction of the Lakeside Phase II project is a complex undertaking that may encounter unforseen conditions. Establishment of a contingency reserve within the total budget amount is recommended at (10%) of the construction contract or $60,000.00.

Recommended Motion  

Motion to award the Construction Contract for the Lakeside Gravity Outfall System - Phase II, Bid No. 01-14 to Ovation Construction, Inc. for the amount $602,521.94 with a contingency reserve of $60,000.00 for a total budget amount of $662,521.94.

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