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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:  Rob Sullivan Park Drainage
From: John Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director
Meeting/Hearing Date:  September 17, 2014

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There have been continual issues with erosion on the west parking lot at Rob Sullivan Park since completion of the construction. The severity of the erosion prompted staff to bring in Dave Hamstra to evaluate the problems and identify possible solutions. The background discussion below highlights his recommendations for remedy.

Background Discussion

Short-Term Solution (Alternative #2)

Re-establish the drainage swale located between the west parking lot and the ball fields. Based on visual inspection, the swale construction, as part of the circa 2011 park improvements, appears to have filled-in (refer to Photograph #11). In order to capture and detain the runoff from the ball fields and open space area, before it sheet flows onto the west parking lot, it is recommended to re-install the swale between the cross-walk and the existing ditch bottom inlet (refer to the attached Rob Sullivan Park figure for the approximate location). The swale should be a minimum of 15-inches deep with 6:1 side slopes. This equates to a top width of 15-feet. This may sound significant but given the shallow depth and flat side slopes, it should not be a visual problem. The re-constructed swale will also have to be sodded immediately, not seeded and mulched. Once the swale is re-constructed, the other repairs can take place such as back-filling and compacting the washed-out areas, removing the sedimentation within the swale (refer to Photograph #6), and properly sodding the exposed side slopes (refer to Photographs #7 - #10). Staff could do this solution in house at a cost of $2,200.00 for sod and fuel (use of Public Works equipment). 

 Long-Term Solution (Alternative #1)

 In order to permanently address the on-going wash-outs adjacent to the west parking lot, it is recommended to install a FDOT Type "B" or "D" concrete curb (refer to the attached FDOT Index 300, Sheet 1) along the west edge of the west parking lot, and install two to three concrete flumes to convey the runoff into the swale (refer to the attached Rob Sullivan Park figure for the approximate location). This will allow the runoff to be diverted to the concrete flumes and prevent the runoff from constantly eroding the western edge of pavement of the west parking lot (which is composed of recycled asphalt pavement), as well as the swale side slopes. Staff has received a quoted price of $7,300.00 to complete this solution.

Recommended Motion  

Staff recommends funding $7,300.00 (alternative #1) for the long-term solution to correct the erosion concerns at Rob Sullivan Park West Parking Lot.

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