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Subject:   Budget Adjustment No. 5 for General CEI Services - GAI Consultants, Inc.
From: Dan Parrott, City Manager      
Meeting/Hearing Date:  September 3, 2014

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General Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Services have been provided to the City of DeBary by GAI Consultants, Inc. under its continuing contract for CEI Services. General CEI Services are performed on an as needed basis as directed by the City Manager for various assignments required by the City.

Background Discussion

General CEI Services consist of various intermittent engineering and construction related tasks required by the City Manager. General CEI Services may include; communications with DeBary residents to address various infrastructure conditions and elements of the City, inspections and analysis of infrastructure conditions that require a rapid response, recommendations for methods of repair and maintenance of infrastructure elements, cost estimating, construction management and inspection of minor stormwater projects, litigation support, and response to public record requests.

GAI has performed General CEI Services and maintained effective communication with the City Manager and staff throughout. GAI includes concise descriptions of each service to document and support all time charges submitted to the City. Budget Adjustment No. 5 in the amount of $25,000.00 is recommended for the continuance of General CEI Services by GAI Consultants, Inc.

Recommended Motion  

Motion to approve Budget Adjustment No. 5 for General CEI Services by GAI Consultants, Inc. in the amount $25,000.00.

City Council Action:
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