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Mayor and City Council
City Manager
August 15, 2014
City Council Workshop

Discussion Issues:

Comprehensive Plan Amendments

FDOT Request

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has requested that the City of DeBary take action to amend its Comprehensive Plan to include the I-4 Beyond Ultimate Project (I-4 Managed Use Lanes in Volusia County) in its Transportation Element. In order for FDOT to receive Federal approval for the PD&E (Project Development and Environment) study, impacted jurisdictions must amend their comprehensive plans to describe the proposed I-4 Beyond Ultimate Project as six (6) general use lanes plus four(4) express lanes. Please see the attached proposed text amendments.

TOD Area Comprehensive and LDC Changes

Since the adoption of the TOD regulations, DeBary City Council has undertaken several studies and assessments to help encourage and incentivize development within the TOD Overlay.  One such study is the DeBary SunRail Station/Transit Oriented Overlay District Economic Strategic Plan. The City was awarded a $25,000 Department of Economic Opportunity planning assistance grant and contracted with the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council to develop an Economic Profile and Strategic Plan for the DeBary TOD Area. The purpose of the plan is to act as a blueprint for the long term development of the City’s TOD Area by identifying potential industries that could be recruited to locate within the area. The plan also evaluates the City’s existing regulatory framework and makes recommendations for changes to the comprehensive plan and land development code to help make the development of the TOD successful. Please see attached the TOD Strategic Plan and a summary of recommended comprehensive plan and LDC amendments.

Code of Ordinance Amendments

Delete charging interest on liens

Due to the infrequency of the necessity to impose interest (12%) for special assessment liens, staff is recommending deleting provisions requiring the12% annum interest rate. The goal of code enforcement is voluntary compliance and in extreme circumstances liens are imposed that run for extended periods of time with large fines accruing.In the majority of cases the city's lien is dismissed due to a lis pendens being filed or is negotiated down to specific amount.

Lien reductions

To assist in streamlining and to expedite the lien reduction request process. Staff is proposing Council consideration of a proposed code amendment will give the City's Special Master and the City Manager the authority to negotiate and reduce liens but will also include a provision to give impacted citizens and the City Manager standing to appeal the decision to City Council. Staff believes that it is appropriate to allow the Special Master to work directly with citizens regarding outstanding liens to negotiate and possibly reduce liens since he/she is an attorney and familiar with the history of the code cases and in most cases this will stream line the process for the citizen. In the case of lis penden action being taken or when banks or private individuals acquire title to foreclosed property the city liens become invalid. Often in these cases in order to expedite the removal of the liens to acquire a clear  title the city will be contacted to negotiate a cost for lien removal. The proposed change would provide a process to allow staff to negotiate with the property owner to remove the lien.

Mural Program

The Streetscape Committee has developed a recommendation to establish a  program to allow murals on private and public buildings. The Council discussed the issue at a previous Workshop and various suggestions have been incorporated into a draft regulation for Council consideration.

Subject: Seeking direction from City Council regarding the creation and implementation of an original art mural permit program. A mural is defined as a hand-painted, hand tiled or restorative image on the exterior wall of a building that does not contain any commercial message. A commercial message is any message that advertises a business conducted, services rendered, or goods produced or sold.
Background: The DeBary citizenry and business community have expressed an interest in creating a City mural permit program to allow original art murals on private property to enhance the cultural and artistic life of the City. A mural program has also been contemplated and discussed by the City’s Streetscape Committee. Sign Ordinance does not currently allow for murals to be treated separately from standard business signs. The program would allow murals on public buildings or on private buildings.

2015 Budget Discussions

The first budget hearing is scheduled for September 3rd, 2014 at 7pm. Staff is seeking direction from the Council on any modifications desired to the proposed budget.

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