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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:   Compensation and Classification Study Proposal
From:  Kassandra Blissett, Assistant City Manager            
Meeting/Hearing Date:  August 6, 2014

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The City’s Personnel Policy adopted by the Council requires:
Periodically, the City Manager will complete or have completed, a compensation survey covering other employers with similar jobs and labor markets.  This and other available information will be used to determine the relative competitive position of the City’s pay structure and merit system and to make recommendations to the City Council for changes to the Pay Plan.
The last compensation survey was completed in 2005.

Background Discussion
The City has experienced a recent rash of high turnover of employees within certain departments, specifically public works and parks and recreation.  Prior to the recent reorganization of assignments, the City sought bids for this study and only received one response.  As such, I readvertised it and we then received five (5) proposals from:
Burris & Associates, Cody & Associates, Evergreen Solutions, Management Partners, and Springsted.

The scope of services anticipated for the study included a process by which classifications were reviewed for appropriate placement within the hierarchy of the organization; review of job descriptions to ensure accuracy and federal compliance; creation of a mechanism to allow for any positions created in the future to be easily placed within the pay structure implemented as a result of this study; conduct survey of appropriate and applicable private and public labor market comparables; develop comprehensive plan which addresses internal equity; recommend the assignment of each classification to a pay grade; group positions based on duties, knowledge, skills, and abilities; and review and make recommendations to our existing Personnel Rules and Regulations to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and best practices.

Ms. Kent and I conducted a survey of past clients' experience with the firm that was deemed the most responsive bidder based on approach, past experience, qualifications, and price.  The results are attached for your review.

Recommended Motion  
That the Manager be authorized to engage Burris and Associates for the purpose of performing a compensation and classification study for the City of DeBary in an amount not to exceed $8,500.

City Council Action:
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