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Subject:   Appointment of Council Member
From:   City Manager     
Meeting/Hearing Date:  July 16, 2014

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Due to Mayor Garcia's resignation the City Council is charged by the Charter to appoint an interim Council Member.

Background Discussion

There is less than six months remaining in the Mayor's term. Section 4.08 (b) of the Charter provides:

"If less than six months remain in the current term of the Mayor, the Vice Mayor of the Council shall temporarily relinquish his/her office as Council Member and shall assume the office of Mayor for the remainder of the unexpired term. The Council vacancy thus created shall be filled by an interim appointment under the provisions of this Charter, to be effective only until such time as the Mayor resumes his/her office or until the expiration of the term of the office, whichever occurs first."

Attached are the applications submitted.

City Council Action:
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