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Last Updated: 2014/5/30
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:   Approve Task Order #2014-1 with CPH, Inc for Public Safety Complex Site Plan
From: Kassandra Blissett, Assistant City Manager    
Meeting/Hearing Date:  June 4, 2014

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The attached task order from CPH is to completes the following tasks:

1) Prepare a Final Site Plan for the public safety site and stormwater pond to serve the two acre public service complex parcel including civil design, and landscape architectural design,
(2) Prepare a topographic survey for the two acre site.
(3) Prepare a floor plan and building elevation of the 3,500 SF police building and a conceptual floor plan for the fire station.
(4) Submit for DeBary Site Plan, FDOT Driveway & Drainage Permit, SJRWMD ERP, and FDEP permits.

Background Discussion

The current facilities for both VCSO and the fire department are substandard. The current office space leased for use by the VCSO is not of adequate size to meet the needs of citizens that walk in for service nor to provide adequate space for efficient operations of the VCSO. The City has a triple net lease for the existing building. The city currently budgets $24,348 annually for lease and property tax expenses and an additional $8,400 for maintenance and utilities. The existing fire station is constrained for space and is not constructed to meet current wind load requirements. The deficiency requires the personnel and equipment to abandon the building during severe wind events.

Recommended Motion  

Approve Task Order No. 2014-1 with CPH, Incorporated in the amount of $33,975.

City Council Action:
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