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Subject:  Records Management Plan
From:  Kassandra Blissett, Assistant City Manager            
Meeting/Hearing Date:  June 4, 2014

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As previously discussed, staff has been reviewing the state of our records and record management filing system.  There are statutory requirements regarding the maintenance of public records.  Records must be maintained and also disposed in accordance with all state and federal laws.  They must be managed in secure conditions; protected from elements and disaster; and preserved with the appropriate technology.  There are legal implications that could have substantial impacts on the City if there are no plans in place and staff does not adhere to the timely destruction of records at the end of their retention period.  The Manager has provided information about other Cities/Counties that had monetary judgements placed against them for failing to comply with the Statutes governing "an active and continuing program for the economical and efficient management of records".  In one instance, the fiscal impact was approximately $500,000.  As such, It is essential that an integrated, comprehensive record management plan be created and implemented.  

The consultant is renowned in the state for being the subject matter expert on records management.  The scope of the project includes an on-site visit to review all data (minimum of a week's duration), collection of information, development of the plan based on observations of the existing conditions of records and files, recommendations for off-site storage and filing systems, and training of personnel to maintain the plan once implemented.

Background Discussion

The Florida Institute of Government at the University of Central Florida has engaged SML, Inc. to develop a "Comprehensive Record Management Plan" for the City, which includes on-site visits, data collection, writing of the plan, travel and provision of training.

Recommended Motion  
That the Manager be authorized to execute the letter of agreement with the Florida Institute of Government (IOG) in the amount not to exceed $18,000 for the purpose of performing a comprehensive record management plan.

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