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Police Facility Site Plan
Mayor and City Council
City Manager
May 16, 2014
City Council Workshop
Based on Council discussion, staff has requested a task order from CPH Engineering to develop a conceptual plan for a new police facility on the recently acquired properties located on 17/92.  The conceptual plan will include preliminary stormwater and geotechnical review.  A site plan for improvements is being developed.  It will include parking, stormwater, egress/ingress, signage placement, a landscape and irrigation plan, placement of a future police facility (with floor plan and elevations) and the footprint of a future fire facility on site.  

Staff will need guidance from Council as it relates to architectural style and landscaping preferences.

As both the City Hall and Fire Tender debt service will be retired by January 2015, the Council may wish to consider budgeting and paying cash for the project within the next fiscal year.  The annual debt service payment was $465,380.