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Community Visioning
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Last Updated: 2014/5/16
Mayor and City Council
City Manager
May 16, 2014
City Council Workshop
The City Council has discussed conducting a "Community Visioning" process designed to engage the citizens in "...identifying treasures and values they think are significant for the community; explore needs and opportunities that will enhance the city; and provide input to the City they develop a strategic plan for DeBary."

At the Last Council Workshop Ms. Marilyn Crotty, Director of the Florida Institute of Government at the University of Central Florida addressed the Council on this issue. Ms. Crotty discussed the process used successfully in various communities that consisted of several facilitated citizen workshops followed by a day long Strategic Planning/Goal Setting Workshop. This one-day session is designed to provide the City Council an opportunity to review the results of the citizen workshops, "...identify key issues affecting the city; determine goals and objectives to address these issues and establish priorities for implementation.

Staff has met with Ms. Crotty and outlined a process that includes points raised by the Council. It includes use of the city newsletter to inform the citizens of the process and emphasize the importance of their participation. The newsletter will also solicit their input on issues important to them and their families. Staff will also use Newsletter postcards to inform the citizens of the dates and times of the citizen workshops. Staff is also researching ways to use social media to encourage participation.

The citizen workshops will be held on a variety of dates and times to accommodate as many people as possible. Ms. Crotty has submitted a proposal to facilitate the citizen workshops and Council strategic planning session.

As facilitator, Marilyn Crotty will be responsible for leading the group through this planning process.  She will make sure that the time frame is adhered to and that all participants have appropriate input during the day.  Within three weeks after the session, she will prepare and deliver a final report on the findings of the workshop.  

The fee for the entire visioning program is $3,750. The fee includes consultations with staff prior to the workshops, facilitation services, materials, travel and a final report. If the city reduces the number of workshops to two, the fee will be $3,000.

Staff seeks direction on how to proceed.