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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: Volusia TPO XU Bicycle/Pedestrian Project Applications-Project Prioritization   

From: Rebecca Hammock, AICP
Planning Administrator       

Meeting/Hearing Date:  May 7, 2014

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The Volusia County Transportation Planning Organization (VTPO) is accepting applications for feasibility studies and project implementation for bicycle and pedestrian projects. Staff is seeking approval from City Council to submit two applications for feasibility studies to the TPO. The feasibility studies will analyze the feasibility of filling in sidewalk gaps on Ft. Florida Road near the SunRail Station and on the north side of Highbanks Road from Simcoe Street to Enterprise Road.   

Background Discussion

Ft. Florida Road Sidewalk Project:
The Florida Department of Transportation FDOT) contracted with Kittelson and Associates to prepare bicycle and pedestrian connectivity studies for each of the Phase 1 SunRail stations. The purpose of the studies is to identify infrastructure needs to better connect pedestrians and bicyclists to the SunRail stations and suggest solutions to enhance multi-modal connectivity. Kittelson and Associates prepared a study for the DeBary station and recommended that the City of DeBary construct 250’ of sidewalk along the south side of Fort Florida Road to fill in the gap between the sidewalk at the SunRail station on Ft. Florida Road to connect with the existing sidewalk on US 17-92.  Please see below for the project description.

Construct sidewalk to connect existing sidewalk at SunRail Station to existing sidewalk at US Hwy 17-92 intersection on the south side of Ft. Florida Road (250 ft.) as recommended by the FDOT DeBary SunRail Station Area Bicycle & Pedestrian Connectivity Study (250 ft. of new sidewalk needed). A sidewalk has been constructed along the south side of Fort Florida Road as part of the SunRail station. However, there is a gap in sidewalk connectivity on Fort Florida Road between the SunRail property’s east edge and Charles Richard Beall Boulevard (US 17-92). This is expected to be a primary walk route for pedestrians accessing the station. Please see the attached location map.

A feasibility study would analyze utilities in the corridor, determine the availability of right-of-way, property lines and impacts on the corner gas station/convenience store in order to determine the cost and feasibility of constructing the sidewalk.

Highbanks Road Sidewalk Project:
There is a gap in sidewalk connectivity on the north side of Highbanks Road. The proposed feasibility study would analyze the installation of a sidewalk on the north side of Highbanks from Enterprise to Simcoe Street at the entrance to Glen Abbey to connect to the existing sidewalk on Enterprise Road. The new sidewalk would help connect pedestrians to bus stops on Enterprise Rd as well as other facilities such as the Volusia County Education Center. There is already an existing sidewalk on the south side of Highbanks. Please see the attached location map.

The Highbanks Road Sidewalk feasibility study is needed to analyze road crossings, utilities (above and below ground), trees in the corridor and cost.

Feasibility studies require a 10% local cash match. The 10% match would be based on the fee proposal from the TPO's consultants. According to the TPO, feasibility studies on average range in cost from $8,000 to $16,000 depending on the complexity of the project.  Please see the attached 2014 Priority Process for XU Bicycle/Pedestrian Feasibility Studies.

Recommended Motion  
Direct staff to submit applications for feasibility studies to the Volusia TPO for the Ft. Florida Road and Highbanks Road sidewalk projects and direct City Manager to budget a 10% local match for each of the studies.

Ft. Florida Road Sidewalk Project Location Map
Highbanks Road Sidewalk Project Location Map
VTPO 2014 Priority Process for XU Bicycle/Pedestrian Projects

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