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Last Updated: 2014/4/30
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:   Approval of Task Order 2010-24 Amendment #1

From:   Dan Parrott, City Manager     
Meeting/Hearing Date:  May 7, 2014

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The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Phase II Generic Permit issued to the City of DeBary requires a periodic audit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Background Discussion

Pegasus assisted the City in preparation for the audit by performing various required actions including preparing and submitting the required annual report, conducted an illicit duischarge and elimination program presentation, prepared standard operating procedures and performed the first full inspection of 20% of the sites idetified as potential generators of illicit discharges into the MS4.

Members of our Public Works staff have acquired the required training to conduct all future inspections of potential generators of illicit discharge.

Recommended Motion  

Approve Task Order 2010-24 Amendment #1 with Pegasus Engineering in the amount of $27,900.

City Council Action:
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