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Resolution #14-06 - Amending 2013/2014 Budget to Purchase a Fire Pumper
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City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject:   Adoption of Resolution #14-06 Amending 2014 Annual Budget
From: Dan Parrott,  City Manager   
Meeting/Hearing Date:  April 2, 2014

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The City Council at the March Council Workshop provided direction to staff to proceed with the purchase of a new fire pumper with the preferred financing option of amending the current budget to pay cash for the pumper truck. This option would reduce the cost of the pumper by $17,537.49 and would save the interest on a lease purchase. The pumper is estimated to take 8 months to construct and if ordered know would be available early next year.

Background Discussion

Engine 33 is the primary apparatus running out of the DeBary fire station. It is a 2001 Pierce Saber with over 135,000 miles. Since the change in the fire service contract, Engine 33 has had some significant issue. Prior to Orange City taking over the fire service contract in 2009, Volusia County Fire Services moved this piece of apparatus to DeBary. This vehicle has had issues with being mechanically sound prior to the contract transfer of fire services (from Volusia County to Orange City). Other key factors to look at are; the decrease in trade-in value if this equipment is not replaced, the longer we keep it, the less its worth. And finally, there is a chance the motor could fail prior to purchasing a new piece of equipment. Consideration must be made that when purchasing a new truck it takes approximately 8 months to receive it. The following breakdowns will show the majority of the cost and out of service times this units has had for the past year. Engine 33 has had considerable issues with starter problems, as well as, continual motor issues (injectors going bad, fuel issues).

Last year the pumper was out of service for 81 days due to mechanical problems. Since February 2012, the city has spent $60,256 on maintenace of the vehicle

Budget amendments must be enacted in the same manner as the annual budget is adopted. The annual budget is adopted by Resolution. Attached is "Exhibit A" which highlights the amendments needed to purchase the pumper.

Account Number
Line Item
12/14 Adopted Budget
12/14 Budgeted
Recycling CIP
Stormwater Infrasructure
Professional Service Fees

In 2012 the Council authorized Recycling revenues to be used for community enhancements. The remaining recycling funds are budgeted for this years street improvement project. There was $200,000 budgeted for unidentified small scale storm water projects. Due to the heavy project schedule there will not be sufficient time this fiscal year to identify, engineer and construct new projects this fiscal year. The amount will carried over to next fiscal year. $136,193 was budgeted this fiscal year to construct the required storm water retention pond at the city's Barwick site. The project is engineered, however the heavy construction schedule may prevent the projected being constructed this fiscal year. Staff proposes to reschedule this project to begin construction next fiscal year which begins October 1st. The reduction of $21,000 in Professional Service Fees would recognize the project oversight cost of the stowmwater projects being deferred.

Recommended Motion  

 Adopt Resolution 14-06 and direct staff to order the new Pierce Pumper.

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