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Sidewalk Repair
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Last Updated: 2014/3/19
City of DeBary SealCity Council Meeting
City of DeBary

Subject: F/Y 2014 Sidewalk Repair  
From: Alan Williamson     
Meeting/Hearing Date:  2 April 2014

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The Sidewalk Inspection and Minor Repair Program provides a systemic approach to sidewalk maintenance, allowing sensible and efficient use of city resources in the upkeep of sidewalks. By identifying areas needing improvement, prioritized, and tracking repairs, Public Works can better provide for pedestrian safety and reduce liability for trip and fall incidents. Once a sidewalk area needing repair or improvement has been classified, it will then be prioritized based on its condition and location. Areas of high pedestrian volume, or near transit stations, high-volume bus stops, elderly housing, senior centers, or schools are considered to be areas of particular sensitivity. They are therefore given higher priority for repair.

Background Discussion
The city has been divided into 4 quadrants for inspection purposes ( SE, SW, NW, and NE). The sidewalk inspection program was started 4 years ago, and each quadrant has been inspected. This year the SE quadrant has been re-inspected and 19 areas of concern have been identified. The F/Y 13-14 budget has budgeted $7,500.00 for the repair of sidewalk trip hazards.

Three quotes have been obtained for the repairs:
        - All Terrain $3,202.50
        - Precision Sidewalk Safety $1,929.00
        - Whitehouse Contracting, LLC $5,689.02

The quote from Precision Sidewalk Safety is just for grinding displaced sidewalk panels and does not include the demo and replacement of 13 panels.

Recommended Motion  
Recommended motion to award All-Terrain the sidewalk repair and panel replacement identified during the annual sidewalk inspection not to exceed $3,202.50.

City Council Action:
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