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Ordinance #04-14 First Reading Amending the Glen Abbey PUD
for 350 N. Pine Meadow Drive
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Subject:   Ordinance #04-14 – First Reading – Amending the Glen Abbey PUD for 350 N. Pine Meadow Drive to Allow Additional Uses
From:  Rebecca Hammock, Planning Administrator    
Meeting/Hearing Date:  April 2, 2014

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The applicant, Ray Hagood, is requesting approval of a major amendment to the Glen Abbey (a/k/a the Swallows) Planned Unit Development (PUD) to permit additional office uses including medical and general offices as well as permit public uses as special exception uses for property located at 350 N. Pine Meadow Drive.  The subject property is 1.4 acres and is located on the north side of N. Pine Meadow Drive, east of US Hwy 17-92. Please see the attached location map and property survey.

Background Discussion
In order to increase the marketability of the exiting building, the applicant is requesting an amendment to expand the types of office uses that can occupy the building as well as permit public uses as special exception uses. Public uses are defined as the use of any premise by a public body, board, council, authority, such as a municipal, county, state, or federal government, or any agency or department thereof for a governmental or proprietary purpose.

The existing building at 350 N. Pine Meadow Drive was originally built in 1986 as a recreational amenity for the Glen Abbey community; it was developed as tennis clubhouse that included a restaurant, swimming pool, pro-shop and tennis courts. In 1998, a PUD amendment was adopted changing the uses for the property to professional office use only (please see attached Resolution #98-17. Various office uses have occupied the building and it has remained vacant over the last several years.

The subject property has a future land use designation of Low Density Residential, which permits convenience commercial uses as well as employment centers and office parks when considered as part of a primarily residential planned unit development.

A Traffic Impact Analysis has been performed by the City’s sub-consultant, Lassiter Transportation Group Inc., for the proposed amendment. Lassiter Transportation Group found that additional traffic would be generated by the change in use but that there is enough capacity on the roadway network to accommodate the additional traffic that would be generated from the proposed amendment. Please see the attached traffic impact analysis. A separate traffic impact analysis would be required for any proposed special exception uses at the time of  special exception application submittal and review.

The applicant hosted a community meeting on March 17, 2014 to discuss his proposal and address any concerns from neighboring property owners. Three property owners attended the meeting, Tim O’Neil and Steve and MaryAnn Jacob, who own and reside at 109 Pine Valley Drive. Tim O’Neil stated he does not object to the amendment, however, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob stated in the meeting that they would prefer that the existing building only be used for professional offices as approved currently or remain vacant due to concerns regarding increased traffic.

The applicant has agreed to certain development conditions including new sod and landscaping as outlined in Ordinance No. 04-14 in order to help improve the appearance of the subject property.  

Findings of Fact
If City Council votes to adopt the applicant’s request for a major amendment to the Glen Abbey PUD, it finds that it meets the requirements of the PUD zoning classification, Chapter 3, Section 3-108 of the Land Development Code and be consistent with the uses in the City’s Comprehensive Plan for Low Density Residential.  

Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendation
On March 26, 2014, the City of DeBary Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed the major amendment request and voted unanimously to recommend approval of the amendment. The applicant withdrew his request for daycare centers to be a permitted special exception use on the subject property. The proposed Ordinance has been amended to reflect the change.

Examples Motions  
- Uphold the Planning & Zoning Recommendation and adopt Ordinance No. 04-14 adopting a major amendment to the Glen Abbey PUD for 350 N. Pine Meadow Drive
- Approve Ordinance No. 04-14 with changes adopting a major amendment to the Glen Abbey PUD for 350 N. Pine Meadow Drive
- Deny Ordinance No. 04-14

Location Map and Property Survey
Resolution # 98-17
Traffic Impact Analysis
Ordinance No. 04-14

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