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Code FAQs
Q:  How do I report a CODE VIOLATION?
A:  You may complete our online complaint form or you my contact the Neighborhood Improvement Office at 386-601-0210 or email the Neighborhood Improvement Office Assistant, to register a complaint.

Q:  Can I park my recreational vehicle/ trailer in my driveway or front yard?
A:  No, all Recreational Vehicles (i.e. boats, campers, jet skis) are to be parked behind the front most part of your home*.  This includes utility / work trailers.                        
* The front most part of your home is defined by the closest wall of your home to the street, including corner lots.

Q:  How tall/high can my grass grow before it is code violation?
A:  Grass and weeds shall not exceed 10 inches in height.  

Q:  Can I park my commercial vehicle at my residence?
A:  Commercial type vehicles that exceed 10,500 pounds gross vehicle weight are not allowed to be parked in residential areas.

Q:  How many yard sale/garage sales am I allowed to have each year?
A:  No more than two yard sales and/or garage sales are allowed during any calendar year. Yard/garage sale signs of two square feet in area or less can be located on the property upon which the sale is being conducted and can only be displayed while the yard sale is taking place.

Q: Can I have an untagged and/or inoperable vehicle parked on my property?
A: No, all vehicles are required to have a current tag and be “road ready.”  “Road ready” means that the vehicle(s) has a properly placed, valid tag and is drivable.  The current tag is to be properly placed on the correct vehicle.         

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