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Public Safety Advisory Committee
Contact TypeContact Information
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Term of Office
Appointed By
Lorraine Koval(Chairwoman)
C. Carson, Seat #1
Marlee Grein
Hunt, Seat #3
Patricia Duncan
C. Johnson, Seat #5
David Butlien
Handy-Peters, Seat #4
Marcia Becker
R.Dwyer, Seat #2
Vacant Alternate Member
5 members
Meets bi-monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 PM  

A public safety advisory committee was created by the city to assist the city in developing a range of policies and programs concerning public safety issues. The committee may explore and recommend to the city council ways and methods of strengthening citizen involvement in the planning and execution of public safety programs. These programs may include, but are not limited to, the current citizens on patrol program offered by the county sheriff's office; the creation of a citywide neighborhood watch program and other issues related to safety including sidewalks and streetlights.

The committee shall make reports to the city council at least quarterly on the policies and programs to be considered. The committee is created solely for the purpose of making recommendations and advising the city council, and does not possess any authority to bind the city council to a course of action.

The public safety advisory committee shall have five members appointed by the city council. Each city council member shall appoint one member to serve a two-year term.  The committee shall have one alternate member, in addition to the five regular members. The alternate shall be appointed by the city council and shall serve a term of two years. The regular and alternate members shall reside within the city.

The committee may elect and reelect its own chairperson and otherwise provide for its internal organization and governance. All meetings will be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order .


Members are appointed by City Council during Council meetings.

City of DeBary, FL
16 Colomba Rd, DeBary, FL 32713
Phone: (386) 668-2040  Fax: (386) 668-4122